Our goal is to provide our clients with a single destination for everything they need to market themselves and grow their consumer base efficiently and cost-effectively.


The team at Bad Duck Media brings together years of industry experience with the singular purpose of crafting and executing branding approaches uniquely designed to fit our clients’ individual needs. From simple written copy, to establishing visual brand DNA, to high concept video advertising; we at Bad Duck believe that the key to successful marketing is knowing who you are, knowing who your audience is, and knowing how to reach them with a memorable and effective call to action. We do all of our graphics, sound, music, and video work in-house, and take pride in our complete upward scaleability depending on the scope of the project.

Our client LOVED your copy. I also have to thank you personally because your copy flew through the approval stage, making my job a lot easier.
— Gaby Hendren, Project Manager; Reflex Group
Always listened to what the client was trying to accomplish and in doing so had great success. Nothing short of [..] exemplary.
— Lisa Younkin, Account Executive; Titan Outdoor